Corporate Social Responsibility

It has always been the endeavour of the Company to give back to society in which it operates. With this end in view, the Company set up up Corporate Responsibility Committee which is mandated to spend 2% of the average net profits on CSR activities. This amount is routed through the Rajni Nijhawan Charitable Trust on various philanthropic projects in the areas of



A. Promotion of education of children.

B. Eradication of hunger and poverty amongst the lesser fortunate sections of society

C. Enhancing vocational skills and improving employment opportunities for those in need.

D. Socio-economic development and relief /aid to the welfare of scheduled castes and Tribes, other backward classes, handicapped and disabled persons, minorities and women.

E. Promoting sports and other physical activities for children to encourage them to gain a competitive spirit and be physically fit and healthy.

F. Promotion of medical facilities, like eye-camps/eye-hospitals/ hospitalization insurance policies ( e.g. Mediclaim) etc. to those who cannot afford to pay for expensive medicines and hospitalization expenses.

G. Any other just cause for the welfare of the poor and needy being carried out by reputed NGO’s in any place in India.

The Company strictly monitors the projects to which it contributes to ensure that the funds are put to the use for the purpose for which it was intended.