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Parcon (India) Private Limited
About the Company

Our Company has its Registered Office at 207, A.J.C. Bose Road, 2nd Floor, Kolkata 700017 having CIN U29262WB1986PTC040209. The shares are privately held by Mr. Rajiv K. Puri, his family members, Executives and Staff of the Company and some friends of the family.

The main business of the Company is Tea Broking. Under license from the Tea Board of India, it operates in the public auction system in Kolkata, Siliguri and Guwahati. The Company started operations in Siliguri in 1991 and expanded to Kolkata and Guwahati in 2002 and 2004 respectively. As on date the Company has emerged as the second largest Tea Broker in North India.

Management of the Company

The Company is managed by a Board of Directors some of whom are Whole-time Directors. Below the Board of Directors the three operating centres are headed by Executive Directors and the Finance and Accounts function is also headed by an Executive Director. The cumulative experience in the tea business of the top management of the Company is over 300 years.

Mr. J.C. Nijhawan, one of the Founders of the Company, continues to keep an oversight on the Company’s affairs and advises the Board on Management. Though he has resigned from the Board of the Company in the year of 2009, he is designated as Chairman Emeritus and guides the Company in various areas.

Board of Directors

Executive Directors

  • Mr. PrasunRoyChowdhury, Executive Director (Guwahati Operations)
  • Mr. VikasSrivastava, Executive Director (Siliguri Operations)
  • Mr. DebabrataMaiti, Executive Director (Corporate Operations)

Client Profile

The major producing companies who channel part of their produce for the auction system and for sale through private treaty through us include:

  • Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd.
  • Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd.
  • Apeejay Tea Ltd.
  • Assam Company India Ltd.
  • Gillanders Arbuthnot & Company Ltd.
  • Goodricke Group Ltd.
  • James Warren Tea Ltd.
  • Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd.
  • M B Group
  • McleodRussel India Ltd
  • New Tea Company Ltd.
  • Rossell Tea
  • Sarda Tea
  • The Jardines Group
  • The Jorehaut Tea Ltd.
  • Warren Tea Ltd.